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As the Hispanic population continues to shape the current identity of the country, and uphold a buying power that has tripled in 15 years, our Hispanic Practice has stood at the forefront of representing this multifaceted and vital market.

Our Hispanic Practice implements all-inclusive campaigns that reflect our understanding of the diverse Hispanic culture. Our respected team – representing Brazil, El Salvador, Mexico and Puerto Rico – has created multidimensional campaigns catering to English-preferred, Spanish-preferred, bilingual and Portuguese Latinos.

Truly capturing and understanding the Latino market is key; hence, we are one of the few agencies that develop campaigns inclusive of the U.S. Brazilian market.

Health & Wellness 

Our campaigns focus on the health, wellness and beauty of African American and Hispanic men, women and children.  Our experience, coupled with key insights into the community, allows our team to understand how educating the mind, impacts the body, and feeds the soul.

Our agency was founded with the belief that companies and organizations need to specifically talk to African Americans and Hispanics in a culturally relevant way about their health and well-being.

Health, wellness and beauty focus on individuals feeling good from the inside and out.  By working with government agencies, corporations and non-for-profits, our teams have experience with topics such as HIV/AIDS, health eating, Lupus, cancer, and beauty products.




POLISH (Political, Opportunity, Leverage, Influence, Strategy and Honesty) is a public affairs division of LAGRANT COMMUNICATIONS that promotes and supports women seeking elected office at the local, regional, and national level, with a strong emphasis on electing women of color.


POLISH will work to position talented women to serve in senior staff positions in political and governmental offices.


Services provided within POLISH are, but not limited to, message development, strategic communications, media training, media relations, image building, media planning, media buying, collateral development, special events, forming relationships with key influencers for fundraising development purposes and community organizing.

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